Chance to Change

Campaign Description

Our world is changing. Some believe that it is shrinking and dissolving due to the rapid social and climate transformations. While others trust in the beautiful minds that pushed all boundaries to the point where they became invisible and unfathomable to us. Yet, in both cases, whether we look in a skeptical way towards what is happening, or we perceive change through the lens of a dreamer, we are all trying to find answers to one and only question: “Where is the future?”

In resistance to such attempt, extremists and populists’ voices are getting louder in the name of the philosophy of “Fear”: Fear what you ignore. Fear change. Fear the future. And in the name of religion and identity, the power of the individual is being challenged and the values of our liberal endeavours are being questioned. “Where is the future?” in their constructed world, is in the past.

Only if we counter such fallacy, we will be able to transform tomorrow’s questions into today’s actions. This is why the Friedrich Naumann Foundation – Lebanon and Syria office is launching “Chance to Change” campaign for the year 2019. This campaign aims at demonstrating how we are owning the future. This future that is shaped by the ideas we explore, experience and expend. This future that is an attempt to innovate and re-think our world. This future that is a process of change and development within our set of values and choices.

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